We are DNSPod

Focus on providing the most safest and most stable DNS service for you

DNSPod was founded in 2006. After several years of development, thanks to the angel investments from NSFOCUS and some other organizations and individuals in 2009, we registered our own company in Shandong, China. Now we have 46 employees, and most of them are technical research staffs.

Up to now, DNSPod has 700,000 registered users, 3,000,000 domain names. Our servers handle more than 17 billion DNS requests each day, it is the largest DNS service provider in China. Our customers include some well-known websites in China such as VeryCD, PPS, Baofeng, 4399, 7k7k, MEIZU and so on. It also includes a large number of university and Government Web sites.

In DNSPod, Our primary goals are DNS security and qualified DNS services.

In 2010, we developed a set of DNS platform which includes: DNSPod Web, a friendly DNS management interface; DNSPod DNS Server which provides DNS services; DNSPod DNS Protector which protects against DNS attacks; DNSPod DNS Log Analytics which deals with the Log data; DNSPod DNS Queue System which provides the update queue of DNS data and DNSPod DNS Updater which is used for updating DNS servers data and so on.

It is the DNSPod DNS Server and DNSPod DNS Protector that we are mostly proud of.

DNSPod DNS Server is a DNS service product developed by our own research.

Contrasted with BIND or other traditional DNS server software, DNSPod DNS Server is outstandingly capable of providing 11,000,000 Q/ps on a PC Server. Besides, DNSPod DNS Server can protect against most DDOS attacks and other unknown attacks.

Except the brilliant functions that DNSPod DNS Server also supports that response to different servers' IP through the region of the users'(GSLB). DNSPod DNS Server is now providing a perfect service for DNSPod users.

DNSPod DNS Protector is another DNS service product developed by our own research. And it has the intellectual property. By DNSPod DNS Protector, we provide strong protection for DNS servers, it can defense known or unknown types of attacks against the DNS server, including DDOS, overflow, and so on. After our tests, DNSPod DNS Protector can provide more than 800,000 Q/ps attack prevention on a PC server in a single 1 Ten-Gigabit network adapter, if the server is upgraded to 4 Ten-Gigabit network adapter, it can provide 44 million Q/ps attack prevention. DNSPod DNS Protector is currently providing services for all DNSPod users, and it works well to against a large amount of DNS attacks.

In 2010, we began providing both free and charged services. We firmly believe we can provide the best service for users only by improving the stability of our own services.

Now, we are planning to develop the international market, and we sincerely hope that we can share our DNS research results with global users.